Nitro circus

This 5-reel, 25-payline video slot game was designed with the beginner in mind. This slot includes many unique features including extra cash prizes, free spins, and a Nitroblast mini game. It is easy to learn and play, and it also has an excellent interface for players to customize their bet size and coin values. The Nitro Circus slot machine is a highly recommended online casino game. It also has an impressive payout percentage, which is based on the overall number of paylines and coin value.

Nitro Circus is the first branded slot game from Yggdrasil gaming. Featuring the daredevil world of the Nitro Circus, this slot game is packed with high-definition graphics. Its symbols include helmets, stunt men, and incredible vehicles. The game is available on desktop, mobile, and Yggdrasil casinos. The theme of the Nitro Circus is quite fitting, given the fact that it’s based on an actual live show.

Nitro Circus offers an unfathomable amount of excitement and action. Players can expect to see a slew of different stunts and collectables. Besides the wild symbols, the game also offers other bonus features, including multipliers, extra wilds, and an increased number of free spins. There are also bonus symbols such as nitro bombs, which are used to trigger a multiplier or increase the number of free spins.

The name of the game derives from the name of the motor racing team. The members of Nitro Circus are world-famous for fusing the most daring stunts, the most grueling crashes, and the best comedic moments. The name is a fitting description for the game, which was originally run as a Fuel TV miniseries. The show was updated and filmed as a movie in 2009, and the composer of the film, Damien Starkey, also scored the film. The show has become a popular mobile slot, with more than 10 million people worldwide tuning in to play the game.

In Nitro Circus, players have the opportunity to unlock a multiplier by collecting a certain number of Red Nitro Bomb symbols in the base game. The multiplier will increase when landing five nitro bombs or vehicles on the game screen. Players can also trigger a Nitro Jump feature by hitting 3 nitro bombs or two vehicle symbols. It can lead to a win worth more than ten times their original bet. It is possible to trigger this bonus game as many times as they want.

Nitro Circus has signed a deal with Yggdrasil Gaming to create a brand-new slot game. The slot will be inspired by the world’s leading action sports entertainment brand and will feature some of its most popular stars. Among the games featured are Nitro Jump, inspired by the stunts performed by Travis Pastrana in the live show. Players can choose the risk level that they want to take and chase the big stunts.