Hero clash

Hero Clash is a brand new casino game from Stakelogic & Hurricane that puts you in the role of mediator in a land torn by war. The primary features are Wild Cards, Hero Power Meter, Free spins, Bonus Symbols and Gamble. When you first start playing, you'll be asked to pick up your trusty shield and helmet, which you'll need as you traverse the land and take on each battle with bravery and skill. Along the way, you'll meet new friends who also have their own Hero Clashes, such as the gladiator Hector, warrior Achilles and the Roman general Marullus. By winning battles, you earn points that add up to your cumulative score and can then be exchanged for special rewards and prizes.

If you like the strategy and planning involved in HeroClash but aren't quite sure how to win, the answer lies in its reels. Each reel is uniquely designed and will trigger based on your actions in each battle. Some reels will award points based on the amount of damage inflicted on your opponent or the number of lives you've saved.

When you're looking to win in HeroClash, it helps to have a bit of strategy involved with when you gamble and when you lay your money down. Although there's a lot of luck involved with winning in HeroClash, there's also a bit of skill involved in making the right moves when you lay your money down. One strategy that has worked well for many players is to play on reels that offer at least three free spins, as this will cause you to gamble more often and earn additional winnings. Although gambling is completely fine with this slot machine, it's important to keep in mind that you'll lose more money if you lay your money down on a machine with a low maximum value. A winning streak can be encouraging, but winning with free spins is even better.