Giant’s fortune megaways

If you are looking for the best casino games available on mobile devices, then look no further than the newly release Giant's Fortune Megaways. This highly addictive game from award winning developer Touchstone is a multiplatform casino game that allows you to play the game on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In order to access the game for free, simply go to the Free Gaming area of the official Giant's website and sign up for an account.

Get ready to face a gigantic ogre in the slot machine from Stakelogic with Touchstone Games. Giant of Fortune Megaways initially named as Giant's Gold Megaways is loosely based on the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk which take you to the magical kingdom of Camelot where the giant is king and the fairies are his loyal servants. The story revolves around Jack, a young boy who wishes to one day win the greatest prize in the world – the one trait that the legendary wizard Merlin has taught him to possess. Sadly, the wizard tells Jack that only a true heart can ever locate the treasure and that only a real human can do it. So Jack decides to start a journey to find the legendary stone known as the “Giant's Stone” and enter into a competition for its prize in Camelot with the help of his loyal dog, Powel.

Although the objective of the game is to locate and win the “Giant's Stone”, Giant's Fortune Megazord incorporates some of the same classic mechanics that have made this classic game so popular in the past. Once you load up the game, you will be greeted with a screen that informs you of the amount of free play time you have before selecting reels, then you choose which symbol you would like to place on your reels and finally place your order for a Megazord. At this point, a voiceover will guide you through how to best use your Megazord to win the level and area competitions. One of the newest features of this game is the ability to listen to a real person's voice telling you how to win the game. Although the game can be extremely addicting, Giant's Fortune Megazords is a great game that will provide hours of fun and can even give your child a sense of accomplishment as they win the game.